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Katie is now 14 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer when she was 13. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome. See beginning story at

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teddy Bears For Cancer Kids

Please Donate a Teddy Bear to a Kid With Cancer

This program is being started by Katie Wernecke, a 14 year old cancer patient. Katie is a wonderful young lady that is always looking for ways to give to others and help other kids with cancer. You would always find her in the hospital helping the younger kids and playing games with them. She brought joy to them during a stressful time, while ignoring her own battle with cancer.

Katie said, 'I know that kids with cancer have a lot of sadness. I want them to have something special to hug and to hug them back. I know how scary hospitals are without familiar faces and friends."

Teddy Bears will be given out in Cancer Hospitals for children. You may purchase a teddy bear locally or online and ship it to:

Katie Wernecke’s Teddy Bears
Helping Kids with Cancer
821 N. 6th St.
Kingsville, Texas 78363

You may also just donate an amount for the purchase of teddy bears if that is more convenient. Donate with check or credit cards by clicking on the button below and entering the amount you wish to donate:

Please make Katie's dream of providing Teddy Bears to kids with cancer come true. Please promote this site and this story.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

HOPE by Katie Wernecke

(Hope is a short story wrote by Katie Wernecke for an English class. The following story is copyrighted January 4, 2007 by Katie Wernecke. Formatting has been lost in transferring it to this blog. If you want to publish this story than email us at to request permission and a formatted copy. It goes along with her charitable project of Teddy Bears for Cancer Kids. Please make Katie's dream come true of providing Teddy Bears to kids with cancer. Please promote this site and this story.)

by Katie Wernecke

Cancer is not kind, it does not care, who it hurts, but it can never, ever take my spirit, my hope, or my courage away from me.

Hope Clarkson was getting ready for her first day at Carlson High School in Memphis, Tennessee when her mother happened to walk in on her. Her mother noticed a huge lump on her chest.
“Are you okay?” asked her mother.
“I’m fine, why?” asked Hope.
“Because there is a huge mass poking out of your chest that’s why,” said her mother worryingly.

So after this big long conversation about when Hope first noticed, if it hurts, and a lot of why didn’t you tell me, her mother rushed Hope to the nearest hospital she knew of, St. Jude’s Hospital. When they finally arrived at the Emergency section of the hospital, she checked in, and one of the nurses weighed, measured, and took her blood pressure. After the nurse was done, she told them to have a seat in the waiting room and a doctor would see her as soon as possible. After about forty-nine minutes of waiting they were finally called in. There they placed her in a room and asked about another fifty questions about why she was here, if she had any pain else where, and when did she first notice it. Hope answered some of the questions, but her mother did most of the talking.

“Who is the doctor that will be taking care of my daughter today?” asked her mother curiously.
The doctor’s name is Mrs. Shelly Young. She is the best doctor for this kind of thing.” said the assisting nurse, Leslie.
“Here she is now,” said Leslie.
“Thank you, Leslie,” said Dr. Young, “I can take it from here now.”
After a quick read through of the report Leslie had written up, Dr. Young determined that Hope needed several blood tests, an x-ray, a CT scan, and a PET scan to determine just what Hope had. Dr. Young was pretty sure she knew what it was, but she just wasn’t 100% sure.
“Have you eaten at all today Hope?” asked Dr. Young
“No, Dr.,” said Hope.
“Good,” said Dr. Young. “Then we can go ahead and run all the tests that we need to run in order to determine just exactly what is going on in your body. Are you up for it?”
“I guess,” said Hope, not really knowing what to expect.

So after getting stuck in the arm two times. One was to draw blood and the other was for the PET scan. They asked her to drink this really nasty liquid. It had a banana flavor, but it still tasted nasty to her. After finishing it, they took her to get an x-ray of the chest, which was really simple to do. Then they took her to get her CT scan. This took about fifteen minutes. Finally after all that was done, she went to get her PET scan. This was the most critical scan she had to take because this would determine whether it was cancerous or not.

“The test results have just come back, and I am afraid that we are going to have to admit you to the hospital because we are going to have to start chemotherapy right away. Now I know that you are probably scared right now, Hope, but there are several people to talk to if you have any questions. Anyway, I am going to be your doctor while you stay at the hospital, but when you leave and come back for weekly checkups, Dr. Rime will be your doctor,” explained Dr. Young.
“So what exactly does my daughter have and how bad is it?” questioned her mother.
“Well, let’s just say that she has four tumors. Each are almost the size of a baseball, and each one is located in different places. The one that we know of already is pressing against her heart and right lung, the second one is resting on her back bone, the third one is at the bottom of her left lung, and the last and final one is under her right ribs. I have just one question. Has she ever complained of being in pain?” asked Dr. Young.
“NO!” exclaimed her mother.
“She doesn’t really have long to live. Give or take I only give her about three to four months to live without treatments, but there is something we can do for her if you want,” said Dr. Young
“What can you do for her?” asked Hope’s mother hopefully.
“We can give her chemotherapy and followed by radiation afterwards,” said Dr. Young.
“Okay then. Let’s give it a try,” said Hope’s mother.
“Well, then I guess I’ll see you in room 309 on the second floor later on today to see how she is doing and to explain how this is going to work,” said Dr. Young.

Hope and her mother walked reluctantly to the elevator. Hope was so full of questions that she couldn’t wait to ask her mom. Her mom only shrugged when she asked. Her mother was so afraid to tell Hope about what Dr. Young told her and she really didn’t know how or what to say to Hope. Finally, they came to the second floor and walked to room 309. Shortly after getting settled into the room, a nurse walks in and says that she will be Hope’s nurse for the night and that her name is Heather. Heather then hooked an IV pole with this huge red bag attached.
“What is in that huge bag?” asked Hope.
“That is your chemotherapy that will run for two days,” explained Heather.
Dr. Young came later to room to explain to Hope about what was going to happen. She told her that the chemotherapy was going to make her lose her hair and that when she feels nauseated to just tell the nurse and she can give you benedryl for it. She also explained that Hope was going to be in the hospital for three days. Then will get to go home for three weeks, but she had to come back once a week during those three weeks for blood tests and a follow up chemo. The follow up chemo only takes thirty minutes to give and it could make you feel drowsy.

Hope was finally released from the hospital on the third day of her stay there. She couldn’t wait to go home. So, she quickly packed up her things and headed to elevator. Once in the car her mother said they had to make a quick stop before heading home.
“Why?” asked Hope.
“Because,” said her mother.
Hope wanted to ask again, but she knew not to press her mother anymore because she was still upset from the news about her cancer. It took her mom about 20 minutes to get where she was headed to.
“Hope, I thought that you could use a new cell phone. You can get any one you want,” said her mother.
“Really?” said Hope.
“Really,” said her mother.
“Thank you!” said Hope excitedly.
Hope rushed inside the store and started looking around the store for the perfect cell phone. Hope couldn’t decided which phone she wanted, but finally she decided that she wanted a light pink flip phone. She also picked out a case and a headset to go with it. When they where finally back in the car she gave her mother a hug.
“I thought that would cheer you up,” said her mother.
“Well, thanks. I really like it mom,” said Hope.
“I’m glad,” said her mother.
They finally arrived home around 3:45 p.m. Hope’s dad was there to greet them when they walked in door.
“What kind of cell phone did you get?” asked her dad.
Hope showed her dad the new phone, the case, and the head set she just got a few minutes ago. Hope couldn’t wait to tell her friends about her new phone. So once she was done showing her dad the phone she called her friends. She talked for hours and hours. Finally, her dad told her she needed to get ready for bed because she had to get up in the morning.

The day finally came when Hope had to go back for her check up. She had no idea where to go once they were at the hospital but lucky her mother did. They had to go down two halls to get there. They checked in at the nurses’ station and then they where called back to meet with Dr. Rime. They walked into Dr. Rime’s office and took a seat in one of the chairs.
“Hi,” said Hope’s mother.
“Hope could you give us a minute?” said Dr. Rime.
“Sure, no problem,” said Hope.
“I’m afraid I have some really bad news,” said Dr. Rime.
“What do you mean?” said Hope’s mother, who was getting really worried.
“I don’t know how to put this, but sometimes things are overlooked or not seen right away on some blood tests and on scans. In Hope’s case something very important was not seen until later. Her blood tests just came back today and her tumor makers are sky rocketing and so they went back over her scans, but they still didn’t see anything different. So, they took the CT scan and the PET scan and over lapped them. That’s when they saw it. There is another huge mass under her heart and a small one in her brain,” explained Dr. Rime.
“So what’s going to happen to my daughter,” said Hope’s mother really worried.
“Well I hate to say it, but she is going to die. I would give her only three to four weeks to live,” said Dr. Rime regretfully.
“So what do I do?” said her mother.
“Well, I suggest you take her home and explain to her what I just told you and let her do whatever she wants to do before she dies for she is going to need something to cheer her up. If she goes into depression it only make it worse,” said Dr. Rime.
“I just have one more question,” said Hope’s mother.
“What is it?” asked Dr. Rime.
“How come she doesn’t have any pain?” asked Hope’s mother.
“The tumor that is in her brain, is pressing on a nerve that allows her to feel pain,” said Dr. Rime.
“Thanks for everything,” said Hope’s mother.

After leaving Dr. Rime’s office she went to find where Hope went. She found her in the teen room near the nurses’ station.
“Honey, we are going home now,” said Hope’s mother.
“What did Dr. Rime say?” asked Hope.
“I’ll tell you when we get home,” said Hope’s mother.

It was a long and quite ride home. Hope want to press her mother for answers, but something was telling her not to. Hope knew something was wrong because she was supposed to get her blood drawn, and she was never seen by the doctor like she was supposed to. So Hope started to write down something in her notebook that she felt was necessary. Hope fell asleep when she finished writing in her notebook. She wasn’t feeling really good. They arrived home after thirty minutes of driving. Hope’s mother tried to wake up Hope, but Hope wouldn’t wake up no matter what she did. Her mother worryingly called 911. The ambulance arrived in about five minutes and Hope was taken to the nearest hospital. Hope never woke up while in the ambulance. The hospital emergency team on call that night rushed Hope out of the ambulance and into the hospital. Hope was pronounced dead at midnight. Hope’s mother and father couldn’t believe what had happened. They just lost their only daughter. They drove home that night. While Hope’s father was driving, her mother noticed her notebook lying on the floor. Curiously, Hope’s mother thumbed through the pages. She stopped cold when she saw the letter that Hope had written when Hope and her mother were driving home from the hospital that night. She began to read.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I wanted to let you know that I love you very much. When mom wouldn’t tell me what the doctor had said, I started to wonder and then it hit me. I didn’t have my blood drawn and I was never seen by the doctor like I was supposed to, so I figured what she said must have been really bad and mom also looked so worried and sad. There was one other thing too. I wasn’t feeling really good at the hospital, but I thought that was due to the chemotherapy that I received a week ago. Thinking about all these things lead me to believe that I was dying. What I seen at the hospital was the most devastating thing I have ever seen. So, if I am dying then I want you to know that the kids need something to make them feel better and to help them get their minds off of the chemo. I want you get hundreds of teddy bears and give them away, for everybody could use a teddy bear to talk to and to hug. I love you all very much and don’t worry about me for now I’m in a far better place by now.
Know that I will always be with you,

Hope’s mother was crying by the end of the letter and was wishing that she told Hope about what Dr. Rime had said.
The next day her father made the funeral arrangements and then they went down to the hospital and talked to the nurse about taking a hundred and fifty kids that had cancer down to Build-A-Bear. Hope’s father and the nurse set up a date and time with Build-A-Bear.

Hope’s father made Hope’s wish come true and a hundred and fifty lucky kids got to build a bear. Every year, Hope’s father would take another hundred and fifty kids to Build-A-Bear. He felt he owed it to Hope, and he always loved to see the kids that were once unhappy a minute ago where now smiling. Just knowing that he was giving these kids hope gave him closure. He continued to do this for 20 years.

Hope was buried three days after her death, but her memory would be carried on. The hospital dedicated a room to her. They called it, Hope’s Teddy Bear Room. For it was full of teddy bears of all sizes. Anybody that was a patient and a sibling to the patient, were allowed to take any teddy bear they wanted.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Katie's Cancer Has Spread To New Areas

The original medistinum mass was dead. About 6 weeks after our last CAT scan Katie started having pain on her right side at the lower ribs. An MRI revealed a large mass there. This is at and below the scar where they put a chest tube in to drain her lung. We believe this cancer was seeded when they removed the chest tube. A CT/PET scan on November 10th revealed multiple hot spots of cancer. We spent the month of November in treatment again in California. We returned home on December 1st.

On December 12th we travel to Mississippi to get a second opinion. We start some immunotherapy to help Katie's body fight the cancer. Katie has not been able to mount an immune response because M.D. Anderson removed her thymus gland back on June 30, 2005 without our approval. When we asked why, the doctor at M. D. Anderson said "she didn't need it." Well, the thymus makes your t-cell and b-cell lymphoctyes and makes the hormones that regulate all of the immune system. We returned on Christmas Day. This cancer has proved resistant to all chemo and radiation treatments. So we are trying something different.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Katie In Remission, Family Blog Says

Katie in remission, family blog says
Teenager is fine and back in school, her father reports

By heather ann white Caller-Times
October 12, 2006

Katie Wernecke, a 14-year-old Agua Dulce cancer patient, has returned to school and is in remission, according to a Web log maintained by her family.

"She's fine," her father Edward said Wednesday. "But she doesn't want any publicity."

Her mother, Michele, wouldn't comment.

Katie was involved in a legal battle after she was removed from her parents' custody in June 2005. Doctors questioned the family's decision to refuse further chemotherapy for her Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes. The custody dispute that followed focused national attention on her case and the question of parental rights regarding medical decisions. A judge returned Katie to her parents after four months in state custody.

Katie returned to Agua Dulce in September after receiving cancer treatments out of state and returned to school after Labor Day, according to her blog, HYPERLINK She is a ninth-grader at Agua Dulce High School.

Keith Moore, Katie's former pastor at Agua Dulce Baptist Church, said she is a remarkable girl, and the church has been praying for her since she was diagnosed in January 2005 at the age of 12.

"Our church family has been praying that she would go into remission since the beginning," he said. "If that's the case, it's a cause for celebration."

Moore, who testified at the custody hearing, has not talked to the family but wishes Katie well. The church created a prayer pager for the teenager that people can call and leave their ZIP codes to let her know they are thinking of her, Moore said. He said he hopes she still has the pager.

"I hope she still gets the message that people all over the world are praying for her," Moore said.

Contact Heather Ann White at 886-3794 or HYPERLINK

Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

Edward's Comments:

We had asked the Caller Times reporter Heather Ann White to not run a story on this because Katie did not want any publicity. She did this story anyway. If you don't recall, Pastor Keith Moore testified (lied) at the custody hearing, that I was a totally unfit father to see that my children including Katie would be taken away by CPS. Yes, as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Satan has his ministers too (King James Version):

13For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cherrix Alternative Treatment Is Working

Dr.: Va. teen cancer patient improving By SHELIA BYRD, Associated Press Writer
Sat Sep 16, 12:34 PM ET

A Virginia teenage cancer patient appears to be improving less than a month after he won a court fight to forgo chemotherapy and seek alternative treatments, his doctor said Friday.

"His tumor is shrinking very nicely and he's gaining energy and stamina," said Dr. Arnold Smith, medical director and radiation oncologist at the North Central Mississippi Regional Cancer Center in Greenwood.

It was the first update on 16-year-old Starchild Abraham Cherrix's condition since his family was allowed to pursue alternative treatments in his battle with Hodgkin's disease.

Neither Cherrix or his doctor would discuss specifics about the treatment, but the teen's father said chemotherapy was not part of the treatment plan.

The teen was diagnosed last year with Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system that is considered treatable in its early stages. He said he was so debilitated by three months of chemotherapy that he declined a second, more intensive round early this year. He has said he thought it would kill him.

His then-oncologist alerted social services officials when the teen chose instead to go on a sugar-free, organic diet and use an alternative herbal liquid treatment called the Hoxsey tonic. The treatment was banned in the United States in 1960.

Cherrix, dressed in bluejeans, a button-down shirt and a baseball cap that read: "Victory shall be mine," said he's feeling excellent.

"This treatment has been working for me," he said. "I've had a tremendous boost of energy."

The teen's family has leased a house in Greenwood but his mother and younger brother remain on Chincogeague Island in Virginia.

On the Net:

Abraham Cherrix:

Dr. Arnold Smith:

Copyright © 2006 The Associated Press.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Katie Returns Home Sept 1, 2006

Katie returned home with her mom, Michele, on Sept 1, 2006. Katie had been receiving treatments for Hogkins disease out of state from April to August of this year. Katie is now in remission. What a joy to have all the family together at home again.

Katie will return to school after the Labor Day holiday on tuesday. She will attend school full time. She is in good health and spirits and can' t wait to see all her friends and get back to normal.

Her hair has grown out some, kind of a pixie cut now. I will see if she will take a new picture to post.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Katie's Original Story - The Cancer Child Taken by CPS

See the orginal story of Katie at Pray for Katie. Katie had Hodgkin's disease when she was 13 years old. She was taken away from her parents by Child Protection Services (CPS), when her parents refused to follow up with full neck and chest radiation treatments after a clear PET scan saying she was cancer free. The parents were seeking additional opinions when a disgruntled and arrogant doctor called in CPS to make sure his recommendations were followed. Referrals were not made. This case received national attention in news and on television in June through November of 2006. It was a battle for parents to have the right to make the medical decisions for their children. After 5 months the parents won the right to make the medical decisions for Katie again, but not before much damage was done to Katie at the hands of CPS and M. D. Anderson doctors. The trauma and stress and financial damage done to the family and Katie, a cancer patient, are beyound belief and unexcuseable. The story is a long one, but well worth reading. With cancer happening to 1 in 3 now. This could very well happen to your family. Would you know what to do? It happened to Abraham Cherrix and his family. Thanks to some help and knowledge gained from our website, personal contact, and legal documents all contained on the original website, Abraham and his family gained a victory.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Monitor Your Alternative Cancer Treatments or Die

Let me give you some good advice if you are doing or thinking of doing alternative cancer treatments:
1. Find a doctor that will work with you.
2. Monitor tumor size and growth with MRI or CAT scans monthly.
3. At first sign of tumor growth monitor with MRI every two weeks.
4. If growing rapidly your treatment is not working and you must try something else.
5. Monitor weekly now,and you may need to seek some sort of conventional treatment to shrink the tumor if it becomes out of control or chocks off bronchial tubes or arteries.
MRI's are the safest and least costly monitoring choice because they use magnetic resonance imaging instead of x-rays. Have an alternative doctor and a conventional doctor and oncologist on board and know where you can go in advance if something goes wrong.
You must monitor your tumor. Tumor markers are not always reliable. You can't go by how you feel. By the time you feel bad it can be too late. Know what is going on with MRI's which if you pay cash can be had for about $600. Whole body scans are about $1000 for cash. There is not enough information on alternatives and they do not work the same for everyone, especially if you have already had chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I'd rather try the alternatives first, but you must absolutely monitor your progress. Monitor with MRI's so you don't end up dying. Be safe and sure of your choice of treatment and its effectiveness. And now you have proof of before and after results of your alternative treatment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Abraham Cherrix Gains a Victory

Starchild Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old cancer patient who is battling Hodgkin’s disease ended his legal fight with a victory Wednesday when his family’s attorneys and social services officials reached an agreement that would allow him to forgo chemotherapy.

Cherrix who has struggled with the disease once before and having it reoccur, decided he wanted to take an alternative healing method to treat the disease the second time around. Social service officials fought that decision.

Under the court ruling, Cherrix will be treated by an oncologist of his choice who is board-certified in radiation therapy and interested in alternative treatments. The family must provide the court updates on Abraham’s treatment and condition every three months until he’s cured or turns 18. Cherrix is still on the Hoxsey method, an herbal treatment that is illegal in the United States but can be obtained through clinics in Mexico, but the family hasn’t ruled out other possible treatments, such as immunotherapy or radiation treatment in small doses.

Comment: This is a victory for parents and children everywhere. Parents must have the right to make medical decisions for their children. I am not saying whether their decsion was right or wrong, and only time will tell, and it is their decision to make. But it is never right for doctors and oncologists to force chemotherapy and raditation by using the power of the state. Although these procedures are generally effective on Hodgkin's or Lymphoma cancer in children they don't work on everyone. The long term side effects of such treatments on children should be considered. The treatments often cause leukemia or cancer of another type in the future and a myriad of future health problems. Cancer specialists are recognizing the limitations of conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer. How will we know if new types of cancer treatments are effective if patients are not allowed to pursue all avenues. Immunotherapy, once considered quackery, is now being recognized as legitimate treatment. Notice the new vaccine for cervical cancer now being highly recommended for young women. Hodgin's lymphoma is a real and very deadly threat as much as any cancer. There are very aggressive forms of Hodgkin's, like my daughter Katie has, that are very difficult to gain any control over and parents must be allowed to pursue any and all treatment options in search of a cure or to at least extend life with comfort and a quality of life that treatments like chemotherapy can never provide. I call on oncologist and radiologists everywhere to look into alternative treatments and to supplement your treatments with IV Vitamin C and other anti-cancer agents and vitamins and antioxidants. Most of your patients are already doing so without your knowledge or approval.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Partial Victory for Abraham Cherrix

July 25, 2006:
The circuit court suspended the execution of judgment for both the order to submit to chemotherapy and the order awarding the state joint custody. The trial is August 16th.

Monday, July 24:
Lawyers filed a motion today to try to stop enforcement of a judge's order requiring Abraham to report to a hospital.

Comments: Parents must take a stand. We don't need the state dictating medical treatments for our children. This is so wrong. We've been through it, and now the Cherrix family is going through it. Are you next?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Judge Orders Abraham To Cancer Treatment

Judge Orders Teen to Cancer Treatment

By SONJA BARISICThe Associated PressFriday, July 21, 2006; 7:49 PM NORFOLK, Va. --

A judge ruled Friday that a 16-year-old boy fighting to use alternative treatment for his cancer must report to a hospital by Tuesday and accept treatment that doctors deem necessary, the family's attorney said.The judge also found Starchild Abraham Cherrix's parents were neglectful for allowing him to pursue alternative treatment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico, lawyer John Stepanovich said.Jay and Rose Cherrix of Chincoteague on Virginia's Eastern Shore must continue to share custody of their son with the Accomack County Department of Social Services, as the judge had previously ordered, Stepanovich said. The parents were devastated by the new order and planned to appeal, the lawyer said. Stepanovich said he will ask a higher court on Monday to stay enforcement of the order, which requires the parents to take Abraham to Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk and to give the oncologist their written legal consent to treat their son for Hodgkin's disease."I want to caution all parents of Virginia: Look out, because Social Services may be pounding on your door next when they disagree with the decision you've made about the health care of your child," Stepanovich said.

posted by Katie W. @ Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Abraham Cherrix Decision

We are waiting to hear the Judge's Decision in the Cherrix case. This is another example of the state making medical decisions and forcing them on our children. Such decisions are best made by the parents. Only in the case of incompetent parents should the state intervene, and by that I mean that the parents do not have the mental capacity to make those decisions. The only time the state should intervene other than that, is when the parents refuse all medical treatment that could immediately save a life. Cancer treatments do not fall into that category. Once again the doctors, state and CPS workers have clearly overstepped their legal authority. Let's put a stop to this now!

Friday, July 14, 2006

X - Rays and Cancer

Dr. John Gofman has studied the effects of radiation on human health for 45 years. A medical doctor with a PhD in nuclear and physical chemistry, Dr. Gofman worked on the Manhattan Project, discovered uranium-233, and was the first person to isolate plutonium, In five scientically documented books, Dr. Gofman provides strong evidence that medical technology-specifically x-rays, CT scans, and mammography and fluoroscopy devices-are a contributing factor to 75% of new cancers. Gofman elaborates that it is not x-rays alone that cause the damage but a combination of health risk facors that include poor diet, smoking, abortions, and the use of birth control pills. Dr. Gofman predicts that ionizing radiation will be responsible for 100 million premature deaths over the next decade.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Katie's Update

We continue to be quite busy. Katie's hair has grown out and she is really cute in this short hair style. I have some new pictures to post shortly so you can see for yourself. We are continuing to explore additional treatment options for Katie.

Here is a book that we highly recommend. Actually you get the 4 books on the right, and a portion of the purchase price goes directly for Katie's treatments.

Please consider purchasing these books for yourself or someone you know who has cancer. This is the best and most complete source of information on the internet.

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