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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Monitor Your Alternative Cancer Treatments or Die

Let me give you some good advice if you are doing or thinking of doing alternative cancer treatments:
1. Find a doctor that will work with you.
2. Monitor tumor size and growth with MRI or CAT scans monthly.
3. At first sign of tumor growth monitor with MRI every two weeks.
4. If growing rapidly your treatment is not working and you must try something else.
5. Monitor weekly now,and you may need to seek some sort of conventional treatment to shrink the tumor if it becomes out of control or chocks off bronchial tubes or arteries.
MRI's are the safest and least costly monitoring choice because they use magnetic resonance imaging instead of x-rays. Have an alternative doctor and a conventional doctor and oncologist on board and know where you can go in advance if something goes wrong.
You must monitor your tumor. Tumor markers are not always reliable. You can't go by how you feel. By the time you feel bad it can be too late. Know what is going on with MRI's which if you pay cash can be had for about $600. Whole body scans are about $1000 for cash. There is not enough information on alternatives and they do not work the same for everyone, especially if you have already had chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I'd rather try the alternatives first, but you must absolutely monitor your progress. Monitor with MRI's so you don't end up dying. Be safe and sure of your choice of treatment and its effectiveness. And now you have proof of before and after results of your alternative treatment.